You have to use triggers for that. In modmaker, click on tori head, then Body II tab, then check "enable trigger system". Then, put it in some group (like 1) and make it collide with some other group (like 2). For trigger action, check Uke, because you want Uke to win if tori's head gets hit. Afterwards do the same for Uke's head except under trigger action check "You" instead of "Uke". Now, put triggers on your blade tips also. Click on each of them, put it in group 2, and make it collide with 1. Leave "trigger action" as none.

You could also make it so that your own blade hitting your head doesn't cause insta-loss, but you need to put blade tips in seperate groups and make heads collide with the group of opponent's blade.
Apparently the replays for the mod won't render properly when in multiplayer, as when I host a room and save a match as a replay, while the mod is active, the actions aren't even recorded, even when the room is still active.
I did however get a replay today, and it worked fine. Seems a bit odd that it only effected ones that were older.
But quite some time ago I used a sword mod, that was already on the computer in installation, and that replay rendered fine.
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yeah, when i try to save a mod as instagib (mushu/twinswords) the hands when i finish and come back are not it toribash 5.1, do you think 4.93 would be able to do it?
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Modmaker is buggy and doesn't export some settings correctly. That includes all body flags, like those that make parts instagib. To fix it, open your mod in notepad and manually put "flag 6" under the hands and any other body part you want to be instagib.
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I made a mod but when I try to load it into multiplayer it doesnt load

Make sure to upload it here first, and to load it ingame using the /lm [yourmodname].tbm command (No capital letters !)
Im searching a Very Long parkour map, for example: The size of 2-3 of the already available City Parkours

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Is there a mod with a boxer and a heavybag, or a variation of this that exist?

Hey ! I believe your question would be much more suited on the official help me find this mod thread

Nonetheless, I think this thread will interest you
I've been making a few different weapons for different versions of my mod, and one weapon i'm wanting to make is a whip. However, in my experiments with the joint objects, the physical whip segments it has connected to has spastically thrown itself about.
I'm probably missing something, so could someone point out what specific joint object setting I need to use?