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How To Open Replays
Viewing & opening replays from the forums & media-hosting sites

Q) How do I open replays on the forums so that I can view them on my Toribash client?

A) Opening replays on your Toribash client isn't a difficult thing to do. Let's say you wanted to open a replay you found posted on the forums. Like this replay, for example. You would simply click on the replay, in which you would be prompted with this window (or one similar to it):

When the window comes up, you have to click on the Browse button located on the bottom half of the window.

After doing so, you'll be greeted with a window similar to or exactly like this:

The next step is to locate your Toribash directory (where you have Toribash installed).

Toribash is usually located in: My Computer << Local Disk (C:) << Games.

After you've located your Toribash directory, select tb ('tb', the actual engine, not 'toribash') from the folder.

After selecting tb, click on 'Open'.

You will then be prompted to the final window, which should look something like this:

For the sake of convenience, it's encouraged to apply a check to the option that says "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file", so you don't have to repeat these steps whenever you want to view a replay.

Now press OK.

The replays will now open with your Toribash client whenever you click on a replay.

Have fun.

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