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Spry's Replay Thread
I guess I'll use this as a permanent replay thread now.

Anyways, this replay may be different from what I usually make.

Old replay thread.
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Now that was outstanding. Would've loved more booms though.

The ass-to-head decap shocked me. Then I thought "What the hell is he doing...?"
Then all of a sudden... BOOM. Decap! I had to restart to figure out what did it. I then saw it was your head that you had thrown in the air then kicked down onto his head.

All I can say is, make a lot more replays like this. The random leg dm didn't look that good, but the butt semi-boom was nice. So yeah, add more booms. 8/10.
the goblin
love that replay.
opener was okay.
decap was really really nice,you can be more destrctive in that hit,maybe you can make a boom there.
the last boom was nice but you should aim it better and make a big boom
Pose was nice.
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I don't think I can achieve a boom in with that decap, at best it will only be two dismembers and besides, my intention in the first place is to decap uke with my severed head. The knee dismember and the boom was just some stuff to make the replay look pretty.

And I don't think I will create a replay similar to that anytime soon. That replay started with me screwing around in sambo.

Also, new replay.
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The decap was simply astonishing.
I liked the knee and crotch boom, but it would have been a perfect replay if you didn't use grab. It's not a big deal though.


From here: The 4 dm no grab boom was amazing, and I liked the abs hit, it was a nice addition.
The crotch and knee hits were great, but I think that the chest and crotch booms were a bit generic.
Fantastic pose by the way.

oh yeah
There is a few flow issues here and there (Around frame 392 with your arm, even though I'm a hypocrite because I do it as well), but fuckballingdickbags those selfdamage booms were ridiculous.

Also, the sneaky cock dismemberment and the elbow slam hip dismemberment thing were pretty great, but they felt a bit off. I would suggest editing that part and throwing the leg in the air.

Even with the flow issues, coming from an destructive point of view, this is a great replay.

I bet I've contradicted myself in this C&C
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I see Uke everywhere.
Fantastic booms, but you were still a bit messy.
Loved the arm -> torso self damage hit.
The last two dms were barely noticeable, but they were still the life of the party.
oh yeah
Ah, thanks for those cnc, that was my most destructive replay as of now.
I also thought that the last two dismemberment were a bit off but I still left it there anyways, maybe I will edit it tomorrow.
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Holy shit.
that was fucking awesome.
Dm's was really really nice.
first-third hit was nice.
Fourth hit was okay but its look a little bit bad because you used your shin, not your foot.
The next Dm's was awesome.
Thew flow of the replay was awesome too.
pose was cool.
"People become stronger cause there are memories they won't forget."