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Jisse's replay thread d:)
Back into replay making, I suppose.
I'll be posting some of the replays I make here.

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Jisse - Dat Trick.rpl (191.5 KB, 990 views)
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Cool and stylish spins, but the direction shifting after the opener and the akward abs during the first landing was not that great
oh yeah
The first spin was great, Fast and stylish. The second one however looked a little slower, still looked good though. The landing weren't really good with the extended ankles and all but the pose was nice.
I liked the opener , smooth
I liked the split, but the jump before it was kinda unrealistic
The decap was amazing
After the head throw, that spin was amazing, loved it.
Pose was good

These are good, I remember before you were this good. Nice job, very nice job. Check out some of mine? I'm not that good, but some of them are okay.
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Opener was fine.
I loved the punch-punch-kick combo there.
Skeet was really incredible.
Your style and flow was good enough.
Pose was good too.

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