You've applied so many different quirks to it that less than a handful of people know about, and that none have ever used to this extent before.

It's polished. It has an amazing pace. It has never-before-seen ideas.
It completely shatters the trend that some people have complained about "everything being done before already".
I'm genuinely happy that someone continues to push the limits of this game beyond what I expected. Congratulations, jisse.

This is quite honestly the greatest replay of all time.
We're still kids in buses longing to be free.
Reading some previous comments, i'd like to highlight that
if there is a way for anybody to do this with only dedication
and alot of freetime (me, but im sure i speak for others inspired by the replay)
then we'd fucking love to be able to do these types of things ourselves.
As oblivion said, alot of stuff u highlighted in this replay is barely known by most of the community.
that being said i think it should be more public and possibly have its own
"instructions" or a tutorial video demonstrating how to do the basics,(muzzleflash, repositioning uke, etc)
so people can carry out their own ideas with the same or similar concept in mind.
for replay makers like me with alot of motivation and not alot of idealism to go
off of due to the concept of "everything being done already" in tb, it would be a
huge step toward more creativity and inspiration in more people's replays.
~Smoke Weed
Fucking swexx posted, what the fuck man?

Just to say, you gone far beyond the limits of
toribash where "You can do anything" and completely
shatter the barrier of possibilities with
this game. You truly deserve hampa to review
this on the official toribash website and steam page
because this is even better than fucking swexx's parkour thing
he did in that temple.
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Thanks guys these comments keep making my weekend every time i check the thread :)

As for the tutorials, there are several already or I would have made my own
This is the one that helped me get started, along with asking other people when I needed something explained

The thing about hacking isn't that it's incredibly difficult, it's just tough to get into and all the numbers in notepad can be very intimidating which naturally turns people off, and that's why so few people do it.
There is no easy way in, it can be tedious and confusing and it takes a lot of hard work but the results can be incredible which in my eyes makes it all worth it.

It also gets easier, faster and most importantly more fun the more you learn, but at the end of the day you are still going to have to track down and rewrite tiny numbers in a large batch of text and there's no way around that.

Also I want to endorse this cool video made by Concon
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Yeah this was really sweet. The attention to detail with the gun magazine and bullet casings was a nice touch, and your keyframing made sure you couldn't see uke teleporting around for most of the time. I wouldn't be surprised if this got in the default replays folder

Excellent work jisse! Idk how any of us are supposed to top this :P
Originally Posted by Tabby View Post
this shit should be in stock.


Originally Posted by Karbn View Post
I wouldn't be surprised if this got in the default replays folder

me neither
Hello Jisse. I have watched this replay a million times.
I can not critique it because i don't know how to make this better. All i can say about it is that it's fucking great.
I'll wait for the next work with a pleasure 1000000000000/10 you're really good.
Already told you this many times over, but replay is insane, the video is cool as all hell.

Feels like you make the things we all think of made happen.

Now go everyone kindly go to the next page and watch a replay that is 10x better. G'day
Jun 2, 2023 - .best. day. ever.

Here we go again

Xioi called it, and the prophecy has been fulfilled

Once again I have created the most elaborate replay I've ever made, and possibly the most elaborate replay ever. This time focusing more on hacking

Instructions for watching the replay as intended:
Download my Tori
. I made a custom set and forged a flame, it gives the replay a nice feeling
Download the mod
Open the replay.
I recommend watching it in Freecam the first time to see the dialogue
Watch it from Ukecam(4)
If I showed you a WIP from earlier you need to download and replace the mod again, I made some changes

Notes and (un)interesting facts

I always liked working around the subject magic but I've started and abandoned so many "fireball mage vs swordguy" replays that I realized it may not be for me.
So I decided to switch it up a bit and work with a less basic form of magic and it was much more exciting.

The replay from concept to finished product took 25-30 hours to make, 4-6 of those for writing the script and making the mod, 2-3 for post-processing(adding dialogue, general enhacing) and the rest of the time for pure editing in Toribash and Notepad++.

Ironically making the set took longer to make than making the replay, so perhaps the replay is made for the set and not the other way around.

Explaining what the fuck is going on:
Watch the replay first before reading this i reckon

It may not be entirely obvious what's actually going on, especially if you aren't familiar with hacking, so I'll try to explain how most of the replay works.

In depth explanation

The hacking not covered by the spoiler was mostly made using NutHugs super awesome script ingamehack.lua, shoutout to him.

Thanks for looking

Let me know what you think

You WILL need the mod
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