While the movements were nothing to run home about, the concept was extraordinary, beautiful work!
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Yup, you're insane.

You, already know my reaction to this considering I freaked out getting to see this first on discord.

Honestly, I've never been more excited to see what someone is going to make next ever.
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My brain is melting just looking at that explanation. Absolutely stunning replay. This whole hacking scene is still alive because of replays like this. Keep it up my dude.
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i've not really liked your movements for a while and that still kind of applies here because all of the important movements are hacked for the most part, but this is still an insane concept (maybe not so much an insane concept as great execution in said concept, BUT!)

my favorite part about this whole replay is when the lid of the tomb starts moving about
very nice touch, it's painfully obvious you paid very close attention to detail on this, and as to not go on a tangent i'll just list what i think u did well and what i think could make this replay better

Pro list ?"?:?:?:?:
1. you made a whole ass mod and even set/flame/explanation for how all of the hacked shit works for a replay (going the extra 15 miles!)
2. you made walls instead of loading the mod with a shader (Thanks, amingo! i'm sure this wasn't any issue for you, but still! that shit's very annoying !)
ok now the actual replay
3. as mentioned EARLIER! the lid on the tomb shaking around as opposed to abruptly flying off, you made it pretty convincing that he a real beast mode bad as forc to be reckond wit
4. just now noticed u made the lid break into pieces, pretty neat
5. the green thing that pops up when he teleports is p neat
6. not sure if this was intentional but the more i look at it i start to believe it was just due to the fact of how much u did for this replay alone, but!


i really like how the trail here makes it look like he really fuckin dashed in out of nowhere, even though u just teleported him
pretty neat little thing, if that wasn't intentional then oh well, neat thing
if it was, good you!
7. the spin at like 695 was good (although nothing insane!), don't like the hacked part but i do understand this is a hacked replay
but yeah the spin is preferable to him instead just being launched forward so good that
8. i'm really glad u dmed the hands first, it makes it actually look a lot better than how in most spars or anything where the other player is about to get hit, they try to dodge it or some shit (because if u are in real life and someone is swinging a weapon at you, you're not going to try to duck and get hit in the top of the head with that weapon! you're going to try to block it with your hands! because you can lose your hands but not head!)
9. the split looked good
10. the air lift into the coffin thing looked pretty good as opposed when most people try that shit it looks abysmal and too abrupt
11. the drop to the knees as teleporting away was a nice subtle thing
12. the green thing on the tomb after man man is thrown in and the lid is put back on, very good shit
i didn't even notice it until the like 10th time watching, so i'm really glad you care enough to include something so minuscule like that

Now! cons! a lot of these are probably going to be nitpicks/personal things that don't matter because i went into pretty great detail on the other ones and i would like to point out the both good and bad small things i noticed!

1. i really don't like emotes/dialogue in replays, it usually makes them look fucking dumb
But! i do understand the circumstances in the replay, although i do think it would be a much better replay with much less emotes (i would find something like this a bit more OMINOUS if it did not speak! maybe i'm just not that creative) (also if he was stuck in the tomb why did the dude have to kill him?)
Just baby shit.
2. i'm definitely no replay hacking CONNOISSEUR, but if u could have somehow kept uke upright after the blast back thing so that his back hit the tree and he didn't have to do an awkward frontflip to land it, (after realistically probably breaking many bones in body)
that would have been neat imo
i believe you used the nuthug hack script thing, so maybe instead of just changing the linvel/whatever on the abs, you could have done it on the abs and chest/lumbar (i think u can do that for multiple joints, may be wrong though)
it probably also would have looked better, if instead of landing immediately in that pose after hitting the tree, he landed and fell to one knee or some shit like that
so dog boy hits the cross with the scythe, and i noticed the cross bounces off the wall
maybe if the cross disappeared right before it hits the wall so it looks like it flies off into the night instead of bouncing off then disappearing
(do not do this! i didn't even notice it until like the probably 20th time watching so don't do it unless u really want to polish off this replay to an unrealistic degree!)
4. when both father grigori and chupacabra hit a FLAT PLANE they do flips to recover and it looks very unnatural! that's probably the biggest movement related gripe i have with this replay

lol just now watched with uke cam as u suggested and it wasn't as hard to notice the lid thing, really good shit tho i still like that a lot

also as previously mentioned i've probably watched this replay 30 times and i have a very bad habit of over cncing replays because a lot of the shit's so specific to only this replay it's not going to be constructive in any other way

anyway good hsit
Thank you so much guys

It's fair critique, Demon, the things you brought up were definitely on my mind and untimately it all comes down to being lazy and under time restraint as I promised to release the replay this weekend

Good looking on that one
yeah, i understand
even still, they were all small things that, some of them i didn't even notice until like the 20th or 25th time watching lol
I quite love the replay its nice idea amaizing mod tho
I like how you put linvel on different directions to make it look like the grave is poping put
Its a brilliant idea and cool little spar
Idk how u made the cross stay static in air but move a bit (pls teach)
Its not that complex as it looks but its quite something
You're a great example to follow for hacking and realism im glad ur a legend

Totally useless but i have been hacking since 1 yearg now
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Yes, it's not better than your 007 piece you did but it was dope as fuck.
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