Oh my God, Xioi, you are so good at parkour, I gave this mod a try myself, I took a similar rout, but my replay isn't nearly as good as yours, especially the wall climbing, I got up the wall pretty easily, but you did it so smoothly and efficiently. I have nothing bad to say about this replay.
Thanks alot N1ghtShade

Climbing is one of my best sides of Parkour, Really glad that you liked it.
Working on some other parkours with alot of climbing in them. will be posting them around christmas.
Jun 2, 2023 - .best. day. ever.
So yea, Posting some parkour replays around after christmas, Worked my ass of them but still tiny bits left.

But for now i made a Madman for like 2 hours, Rusty as fuck since i haven't made a madman in like 4-5 months.

Speedyshare download since Dl doesn't work is bellow aswell.
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#Xioi- Boom goes the dynamite.rpl (171.0 KB, 86 views)
Jun 2, 2023 - .best. day. ever.
It was a bit stiff and the part where you stopped bugged me a bit as well as the grab and this really isn't something to critique on but the uneven booms kills me a bit on the inside every time I see one. Other than that it was nice. Loved how you used a well placed/timed kick to a knee combo and the way you did it. 7/10 Make more pls
Find it fun to make madmans for a brake from parkours or tricking.
Nothing spectacular but enjoy.
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#Xioi- LiZeK.rpl (115.0 KB, 81 views)
Jun 2, 2023 - .best. day. ever.
Sweet mother of god. Nice job dude! opener was a bit wierd, that neck movement wasn't really necesary. Boomhits where super nice, especially the last one. you know how to get some good dm's, m8.

|Opener by Xioi|#KillTheScootCork|
"Cool delfin med solglajjor" -Larfen
not a fan of the opener, i usually dont enjoy those weird human gimmicks and reactions that people use in spars
i was a bit surprised that you only got 3 dms what that crotch kick

you can get a MENTAL amount of dms with that chest kick if you extend the knee earlier and put a lot of effort in it

execution was nice
hits were a bit predictable though, considering the positions you got into
oh yeah
First of all, I think you could have gotten a crotch block boom with that first kick, but you did get a 3 dm which is okay I guess. I really don't like the second kick, I absolutely do not like grabs, but that's just me. Also, you got a lot of shin for just a 3 dm. It's acceptable to use your shin with an insane 5 or 6 dm boom or something, but I would have preferred that you just extended your knee sooner and just used your foot. But, I do like how you followed up your first kick very quickly.

Thanks for the comments.

Did two replays, TiZke i've had a couple of friends to help me try getting the last skeet,
It's just almost impossible getting without moving ukes neck in the last second so i'm keeping it if someone doesn't mind doing it without moving uke.

And for dm's otherwise on both replays, I could probably get them bigger or whatever but i really don't know how to do so,
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#Xioi- TizKe.rpl (229.5 KB, 66 views)
#Xioi- RzaKi.rpl (290.0 KB, 56 views)
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Jun 2, 2023 - .best. day. ever.