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The ORMO Opener Warehouse | Free-for-all

"let me opener that for you"

uh what is this?

Ever had a unique opener you just couldn't go with? Or are you just interested in what someone else could do with it? Or do you geniunely find it hard to make an unique opener?

I know I sure do.

This is a thread where you can share openers for mere the love of replay making. Sure, it's pretty controversial but "AAAAAAAAA WHATEVER", right?

oh okay. there's a catch, right?

yes, yes there is

the openers are for experimental use

if you decide to use an opener posted here for an official replay of yours (claiming it as your own), you MUST give credit to whoever made the opener. be appreciative

aah. what else?

nothing really. uuuuuuuh, you can use a generic opener as a base but you HAVE to add on something to make it slightly less... generic.

oh yeah, can't use them for events.

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the goblin
Sweet brah
In probably going to shitpost so many openers here because I make so many

Noice idea
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brb, becoming the replay equivilant of a patent troll.

hey no don't do that

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i wanna see what you guys can do with this one

i'll give it a doongle sometime
the goblin
I have now patented the noob clap, I demand 10% royalties and credit given when due.
nyan :3
Youtube Channel i sometimes post videos of other games