self spar wot

2nd replay is just a test but check it if you want (iknouwanit)

EDIT: added mod to spar
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dont have the mod that you used in the spar but it looks pretty good as far as i've seen it.

testing test
your movements looks very wonky and a bit twitchy in the opener but i like it
the spin before the decap was alright, didnt fit to the opener (imo)
decap was solid not much to say about it.
the movement afterwards was cool but a bit slow
also did the replay glitch somewhere after the decap?
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the nerd emporium.rpl

i like your movement on 500-290 and the blows. position in the end sux. or is it just a wip?
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[HACK] [Replayz]

not a wip, was just lazy

im proud of this replay

EDIT: i just had to add this mp spar
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the glasses wizard

your movement in the beginning wasnt so cool (for example your right arm at around 455 when you lowered it and immediately raised it again)
but the launch to the knee dm was neat
and the follow up to the boom was ok but your right arm was very stiff in the whole time, you started moving it again when you dm'ed your wrist.
however, boom was gorgeous
the transition into the other kick didnt flow so great and your arm looked a bit twitchy but the kick itself was really cool.
the skeet was alright, maybe another kind of skeet and not this generic skeet would have been better cuz ukes head was still pretty close to you.

overall its pretty nice
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