Stop holding back lol, I still get praise when I post a shitty replay from time to time.

Look forward not backwards idk words
hello hi i'm one of the overglorified legends


Self-esteem problems besides, i'm pretty sure that most of ORMO is better than i am right now, objectively. Hell, if i applied today as an alt, i'd probably be rejected, rudely. BUT THIS IS NOT A BAD THING. Progress is goot, and frankly i'm waaaaaaaaaaay past caring about making progress in Toribash any more, since i've achieved everything that i originally set out for, and then some. Therefore, FRESH MEAT making progress is great, now that the old farts aren't.
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there is a tiny trend of hacking but not too many people do it. mainly because no one teaches anymore.

i think we should start teaching again, and have a new trend or something.

i'd love this, yes please

wanted to pick up replay hacking for a while but not sure who to talk to, that and my poor management of time and what i want to do with it makes a mess of things

also i think there's nothing wrong with glorifying those from the past who indirectly (or, sometimes, directly) encouraged you to get better. replay makers like nuthug, pusga, larfen, swexx, largittykilly, pulse, and oracle (but fuck, it doesn't end there) are all huge influences on how i make my replays

i just don't think the right kind of glorifying goes on, the progressive kind. stuck in the past rather than seeing it as a foundation for something better; stuck on wanting to become albert einstein rather than surpass him.

of course i ain't surpassin' shit tho, cause i'm lazy as fuck and performing cognitive thought within' a swift succession is somethin' i ain't that good at yet
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Tsuion, Marrez, you guys should go poke NutHug about that hacking thing
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he was very helpful when i queried him on irc around the beginning of sp cup 2015

i asked a lot of questions and he answered them all
alright guy
I know I'm not in ORMO but... I like to lurk here ;)

When I started to make replays in toribash, I hadn't seen any replays aside from the replays in the 4.4(?) default replays (and of course, the video that introduced me to toribash, whichever one it was). I didn't know that the forums existed (apart from my clan), and I didn't know that replaymaking was such a big thing. When I made replays, I made them for fun, I made them because I wanted to improve. At that time (and for a long time) I had no idol, and the progress I made was because I wanted to be able to look realistic. Later on in Toribash, when I realized there were a lot of videos on youtube, as well as the replay forums, I began to want to be like other players. The first player that I specifically remember knowing the name of was Jisse, and I watched as many replay videos as I could find on him. Though, I never tried emulating his replays.

Then there was Swexx. Swexx was probably my biggest toribash idol, and after watching how amazing he was, and how realistic his replays were, I started trying to make myself more like him. He was the definition of what I wanted to end up being like in Toribash. So, I set myself some goals that had been achieved by him.

Make a replay thread (by this time, I had found out where it was) and try to become more well known.
Continue making replays, do something that other people have never seen and inspire them.
Get X amount of views on my replay thread.
Make it into ORMO (haven't even tried lol).
Get into the default folder.
Become a toribash legend (hawhaw, I was so funny).

Those were my goals when I started making toribash replays, and watching older members play was a key part in my success. Analyzing their replays was huge. How did MrJingles get his foot so far into uke? How did Pusga get that massive boom? How did Nearly get so much speed? (etc. I could list more).

From watching older members' replays, I also began to appreciate peoples' different styles. I never really liked manipulations until I tried to make one and realized how hard they are. One shots were lame until I found out that it's not just a one shot, it's a huge set up with lots of momentum. Skeets were silly until I figured out how much editing you have to put in to get it right.

So yeah! I know I got quite off topic, but I do think that older members stand as a valuable piece of reference for new players making replays. I also think that one can learn to appreciate new styles by watching older replays. I've never used tutorials (aside from mocucha's sparring tutorial), so I can't say that tutorials have really helped me all that much, but I've gained valuable advice from other players giving me CnC.

One of my biggest things with replay making is: If it's not going to be better than my last, or at least be something that I've never done before, it's not worth making. I don't know much this has helped or hindered me, but I think that we all should strive to improve. Then again, it's probably why it takes me months to make replays -.-
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Toribash still has sooooooo much potential but because older generation has already done a lot of it, the new ones don't feel the need/lack incentive to try something new.
The mentaility of players the days are like "I wanna be like this awesome player or that", where in order for TB to actually move on they need to have a "I'm going to make this awesome player kiss the ground of my replays" mentality.
Might sound cocky but come on, if you wanna be the best you gotta take out the best.
I love it when random players come up to me and say "I'm making a replay and it makes yours look like shit" or "I'm going to beat you in that event", it actually gives me hope that a great will be born.

I think my post is off topic but whatevers
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