Ok so I'm late to this thread but I'm kinda drunk and feel like talking about replays

The first thing I feel is significant is that I think that this "idolization" of older replaymakers is nothing new to the scene. Maybe I'm just speaking from personal experience, but when I began replaymaking all I did was study older replaymakers. I would put their replays into enikesha and recreate their moves step by step. I watched every single replay I could find of all my favorite players. Once I got on irc, me and other people would edit each other's replays constantly, and I was getting helped by my idols such as Tamer0 (the max homie). Perhaps there is more help for new players today as there is simply more history to go back on, and I guess there is more materials in terms of streams and written tutorials (but I feel like most of that is just me lmao). However I think that the overall replaymaker culture hasn't really changed in any significant way recently in terms of player idolization. People idolized Rutz and NutHug back in the day just as hard as people idolize Swexx and Large now. Also, I think that these older players have been just as willing to help recently as always (that being as much as they feel like).

That being the case, I think that new players are just as likely to surpass their idols as ever. And they shall become the idols to be surpassed, and so on. I think that people don't get motivated by their desire to get better than someone else, but rather by self-fulfillment. Some people feel satisfied with their skill earlier, and some later.

That being said there are definitely fewer replaymaking events being held than there used to be, and those actually made me motivated to make replays quite often. As I progressed in skill I felt like entering them less and less, but I feel that fresher talent would like to be judged against their peers for competitive reasons, and just for fun I guess.

Maybe we should have more events, those are fun
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My original inspiration for making replays was Pulse. I would watch his replay in the default folder for hours at a time while adjusting the speed and listening to music. I would attempt to meticulously analyze it and see how it worked.

Something that really helped me out was Taekkyon. As it is similar to Classic, and some of the movements can resemble those found in single-player, I took the strategies I used in it to make some things. At first, I didn't know how to make openers, so, what I would do was edit other people's replays and apply my own techniques to them.

As soon as I joined ORMO my skill advancement haulted. I believe it was because I had no reason to anymore, for me, ORMO was the best I would've ever gotten (At the time). Now I think I'm starting to improve again, all be it slowly.

Events would be nice. Maybe this summer there could be a surge of events from ORMO. I feel like ORMO doesn't interact with the community. Did it ever? I only recently joined, so I'm unaware of its past.

I've starting to come back to Toribash after a while of drifting away. And I'd say that I'm having fun with it and its community again. I still look at the legacy replay makers and their creations for inspiration, but this thread has led me to want to be something different, to stray from the beaten path. It may take me a while to personally determine what tbat beaten path is, and what path I want to take, but I want to do it.

A new revolution in the world of replay making might be coming, and in my opinion, that would be awesome.

I am sorry for getting a bit off topic.
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I feel like ORMO doesn't interact with the community. Did it ever? I only recently joined, so I'm unaware of its past.

this is true, ormo has hosted events in the past but lately it hasnt been very prolific. i blame it on the fact that the guys responsible have been dealing with other stuff in the meantime, such as replay board related shenanigans and other stuff. i definitely want to see more ormo events though, and hopefully we will be able to pull it off at one point
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A new revolution in the world of replay making might be coming, and in my opinion, that would be awesome.

what does this mean though? are you meaning something like how replays evolved? or what? i don't see any real way for things to change, maybe replay hacking, if more people became interested in that.
wow that
Just something different, drastically different. I assume you've seen the current trend of madmen and manipulations,

Different as in how madmen and tricking are different. A new style or technique or something that is exciting because of what it is, not because of the way it is interpreted.