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/*invade*/ How to hack in /emotes!
Hello ORMO, sorry for the invade.

I'm currently doing a collab with BQuad. Personally I like emotes to show where which player takes off etc.

Where in the code do I add the emote-line so I get it on the right frame? I tried and it turned shit.

Thanks in advance!
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wht do u mean where
just put it under the frame you want it on

if you mean you don't know how the frames work in the replay file then they start at 0 and go upwards so that in a 500 frame replay if you want to go to the frame where the ingame timer would show 100, you'd have to find FRAME 400; in the file
so its pretty much just substracting the frame shown by the timer from the starting matchframes

if you mean something else then i have no idea what you mean
in the client when you run replays the frames count down to 0 while in the text file of the replay it counts up from 0, so in the txt file FRAME 0 is frame 500 in a replay with 500 frames, and so on

if you have a 500 frames replay and want an emote to appear on FRAME 400, you go on the txt file and go under frame 100 (it should say something like FRAME 100; 0 0 0 0) and at the end of that frame type EMOTE 0;[whatever you want to say]

heres what it looks like for the replay i attached where i have an emote on frame 490 that says A

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oh yeah
Thanks, sorry for taking up a thread when 'ask ormo' was available, my bad.

Say I want an emote at frame 7 pusga. I can see where to put the /em when there's "FRAME 10" lined just above, but placing an emote at a specific frame leaves me stumped, unless I'm retarded.

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thats because the replay file only registers frames in which you edit joints (if you didnt edit anything on frame 7 then thats probably why there isnt anything saying FRAME 7 in notepad)

the solution i can think of is to record the replay using nuthug's recording script so every frame appears and you can add the emote on any frame, but if you post the replay here and the emote you want i could try to do it later since its a bit of a hassle to do it if you havent used the script before
oh yeah
if you want to put an emote in frame 7 and theres only a line saying FRAME 5; and FRAME 10; then you can just add FRAME 7; right above FRAME 10; and then put EMOTE 0; fuckfuckfuck between FRAME 7; and FRAME 10;

what i mean is you should do something that looks like this

ok fuck oyu idiots who complain htats a picture and not a txt file heres the replay
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i tried to do that and for some reason it didnt work an hour ago but it seems to work now, so i guess just try that
oh yeah