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Record Bounties!
You are now eligible to win prizes for breaking records dependent on how long they've remained unbroken! Here is the prize table for the records!

1 month = 50k + 5ST
3 months = 75K + 7ST
6 months = 100K + 10ST
1 year = 150K + 15ST
2 years = 220K + 20ST
3 years = 300K + 22ST
4 years = 400K + 25ST
5+ years = 500K + (100K * X number of years after the 5) + 30ST
New Record = 50k and your timer to hold it begins

Example: If you break a record that was previously broken 3 months ago you will be awarded 75k TC + 7 ST, however if you break a record that was broken less than a month ago you will not receive any prize.

  1. There is a grace period of 3 days after a record is broken where it can be contested by anyone, you must hold the record for at least 3 days for you to win the prize. Everytime a record is broken within those 3 days the contesting timer restarts. Whoever holds the record for a total of 3 days wins the prize and the prize timer starts again.
  2. Breaking your own record will not award you with any prize and it will not reset the grace period timer.
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updated - added record contesting

if you won a prize before this rule was added you will still receive it as normal, however from here on record contesting is in effect