I think with TP you can have a blank usertitle.
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Aimlessly swimming in circumcisions
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It is possible to clean usertitle?

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I think with TP you can have a blank usertitle.

Dunno about TP but yes that can be done.

E: Can't do it with TP. (But I have done it with Minds profile)
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Added an update. You can now buy a recolour of an existing, non-exclusive (read as: legend + custom items that were won or paid for by others) items. Pink Blindfolds, Yellow Watermelon helmets. Go nuts and surprise everyone else with your own personal flare.
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Would this include custom textures? either in the sense of getting a kunai holster with only a pink kunai, or getting a custom design for a beanie?

I haven't really seen anyone asking for personally textured 3d item versions. Just colours. Since the ToriArmour came out people talked about having it in different colours.

If people also want to explore the "custom textured" side then they just need to say so and I'll look at adding it in.