Jaker in the larfen, pulse etc era? Not really sure where he fits in but he should be in there.
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Shouldn't we put Zalmoxis or maybe Tengo in there somewhere? Or maybe I'm remembering wrong not sure

also I have the same opinion as oracle, my replays are nice though I'm not sure if they contributed anything :o
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it'll be difficult to really identify the new school

if we're going by people who have influenced ukebashing, i kinda think the era of swexx and large was the only real recent one

we have what we call realism in ukebashing now that is heavily influenced by swexx and largekilla

pusga really is all i can think of who would be as influential as swexx or large

we're still in a realism phase but its changed slightly with dezrai and mack

hacking has recently become part of toribash though

nuthug and datskip pls

also idk i havent really done much. maybe if i were more active id call myself influential
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Jesus christ how did nobody notice nuthug wasn't on that list until now?

Good god, add that man, he's essentially the precursor to so many different styles it's enviable.
nyan :3
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oh god yes nuthug

he's my favourite nuthug

Also chiming in to say that this is a baller as fuck idea because i forgot to say that in the IRC while you were there, i think. To this day i'm still not sure about what exactly i brought to the replay making scene, so if anyone could explain, i'm all ears. I don't consider myself an imporant figure, so hey, do what you want. :v
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Really really nice idea, I love this

Not sure about that newschool era, I agree with Tsuion that there are practically no players who really shaped ukebashing much in recent history, only many people putting in their slight variations

So we could either include pretty much every good replaymaker of this time or noone

also yes nuthug pls
tbh the only real breakthrough with replaymaking in the "new era" is MAS and hacked stuff

there have been minor stuff but these are the main ones really
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While Nuthug is definitely more well known for his pioneering in realism, he's also the forerunner for a lot of modern takes on ukebashing. He was one of the earlier people to test out replay hacking, and he made occasional forays into ukebashing. As far as I remember, he never made anything particularly long, but his work was memorable in how it looked so effortless. The way he controlled the ragdoll made it look like he wasn't controlling it all at key moments, so it looked like it was moving on it's own.

I know Nuthug was who I looked up to when I started taking single player seriously. If I describe myself as a jack of all trades, master of none, Nuthug was the master of all trades. Most of my work was done in either imitation of or as internal competition against Nuthug's replays. Any single player competition he entered, I would enter to try to beat him. In my mind, he's as prolific to ukebashing as ChezDa, worthy of being recognized as a player who birthed a paradigm of replay making.
nyan :3
Youtube Channel i sometimes post videos of other games