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tabby's replay improvement thread

I was 12 when I made this thread
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Holy crap. That was amazing. Just dont hit your head and your fine.
The booms were great and the other 'thing' you did at the end. 10/10 Kiddo.
You basically did the same thing with the opener, just like in the first replay you posted in the thread, just one powerful kick, then mass destruction ( those dms were furious though, love 'em ). Add some more flashy movement to it, try to come with a more unique opener to start with, mess around a bit, get out of your comfort zone, and experiment. 4.5/10
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Thanks youngsandm!
Scrap I guess?
collab with MultiGod
Should I turn this into a madman or nah?
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On some shit: wasnt bad but it was stiff and you looked like you was on some shit...good booms and decabs tho.

turn the other one into a manip.
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