DOOM MM- In prohabition time in bo2 for an hour so I made this.rpl
Opener is really slow and nothing special really, try to be more creative with stuff or make it have more flow/speed if its gonna be generic. Also in the opener, you raise your arm at about 770 which makes you look twitchy. Spend more time looking through your replay and instead of just raising it like that go a few frames before, raise it for about 2 frames and then relax the shoulder to get a smoother look. Hold your neck at the start of your replays also.

First spin thingo looked pretty nice until you got yourself into an awkward position which forced you to have a slow spin. If you're gonna spin left, try make sure that your chest is already facing left, this will allow you to rotate onto your pec to give you a faster and nicer spin. Dm was nice and fast but im not too much of a fan of going on ur toes. Not sure about the grab but to me it seemed too forced because you couldn't think of anything else to transition into. Next few dm's were pretty flawless.

The last thing where u sorta just lied on the ground off put me a bit cause you twitched a lot to get into that grab position lol. I think it would've been better just to go into a normal pose.
Overall it wasn't a bad replay but I think you can make better if you just spend more time creating it. Realised it was made in an hour but you coulda just done part of the replay in that hour then finished it later.
<tunadao> And if the potato get old it will be better,because noones can eat a old potato it turns into legendary potato
Thanks Dobby and Vayne for your feedback, greatly appreciated .
I will put these tips into use in the near future.
especially that chest thing and the relax things.

For now I will post a wip of a replay coming up, Might revamp it.
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Finished Lunar Thermocruser

Added wip of a good looking replay so far
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Ah yes, a backwards replay, interesting certainly, that pose was rather even more interesting, maybe try to do more than just like 500 frames and put more into the replay? I think you could certainly do better than that, if you really can "Smack me with that belt." ^_^
Thanks MrMiyagy, Finished it

3 More 2 hacked
yeah no get those hax outta here lmao
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