I like these grabby madmans, reminds me of BishopONE or DeeJayy replays. I haven't visited this board in ages but this kicks ass, I like the olschool twist, it is not very easy to make a clean replay while moving sloppily. My favourite is eve's asylum, but good job not taking damage in wilderness, and getting the second boomhit in disco divertimento with almost no space.
oh yeah
thanks pusga

grabby madmans are my favourite to make at the moment

made a quick replay because i was bored and wanted to make something sorta wacky, enjoy gents
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tabby - the progress emporium.rpl (206.7 KB, 32 views)
ughhh, opener was a little fancy i suppose, you got a balet opener type of shit that Larfen usually does, and i'd fuck with those.

but i gotta pinpoint my statement that everything after 140 was just surreal, everything flowed perfectly, even though you kinda twitched a bit when you tried to punch uke's nuts off at 124, but thats just me being a nitpicky asshole, the spin was just nice, i like the speed that it had, it wasn't too slow, nor too fast even though i'm personally a fucking fan for mad fast spins, but this was just ughhhhh man.

the hits were nice, a little unsatisfying if i do say so myself coming from a replaymaker like you who's just fucking talented at destroying uke to bits, but hey i suck at dms myself so yeah, they weren't too bad anyways.

why are you so good fam, tell me.