yea im game adm, what of it..? anyway awesome replays bro i especially liked tk replay. keep it up (except for the bnt thing put that in the BIN)
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I appreciate the post, that means a lot. But hey, if you didn't call me out for hacking DMs 7 years ago I might not have felt compelled to get better at them, so I guess I owe my boomhit prowess to you

I have attached some random shit I made to kill time the past few days. May or may not include a "tricking" replay, the first I have made in like 5 years so actually cnc that if you want

epicly epic replays tabby as usual

i love stalking this thread lots of cool stuff here
#1 tabby glazer
tonite is haloween >.<
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mogged again, why live

mogged by my glorious king tabby once again

tabby is the best player ever u can never come close sorry bud

oh tabby, my star, my perfect silence. your replays breathe life into my dull and dreary existence once more! i will worship you til the end of time my king.
#1 tabby glazer
tonite is haloween >.<
easily the best decap i've seen you do

even if movement goes out the window uke explodes so me happy

cool skeets

cool pose

good shit tbaby
Jun 2, 2023 - .best. day. ever.
outside of silly stuff like your ankles being completely asymmetrical at like 360 the replay is sick opener is cool and flowy too