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General Market Rules
Auction Rules
Art/Texture Rules
Art Commission and Request Board Rules

Flame Specific Rules

Links to places you should be aware of:

Toribash's Terms of Service (this applies to all areas of Toribash, including the market board)
The Global Rules (these rules apply to all areas of Toribash, including the market board)
The General Forum Rules (these rules apply to the entire forum, including the market board)
The Scam Reports board (if you have been scammed make a thread there after reading the board rules)

*By using the market, the market boards or getting involved in negotiations of any remotely Toribash-related subject matter you agree to and accept all current and future market rules.
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General Market Rules
General Market Rules

A) Illegal Posts:
.....I) Any post that does not directly take part in the buying/selling/trading of the items in the thread will be regarded as useless and will be warned/infracted.
.....II) Self advertisement includes: Posting a link to your shop, request thread, or to your marketplace (with the exception of signatures).
.....III) A user may have more than one thread open if each thread serves a different purpose. Note that having multiple threads with the same purpose (more than 1 Sale/Trading/Buying/Auction thread) may result in infractions (this includes using alt accounts).

.....[Auction] : Auction : For auctioning art/items.
.....[Buy] : Buying : For requesting art/items.
.....[Sell] : Selling : For selling art/items.
.....[Shop] : Buying & Selling : For buying and selling art/items.
.....[Trade] : Trading : For trading art/items.
.....[no tag required] : Request : For requesting art.

B) Do not attempt to sell, or pay with items or ToriCredits that are not in the inventory of the account that is posting. This also covers the sale of items currently in the marketplace. If you no longer have the item/TC you originally offered, please go back and cancel your offer to avoid possible confusion. (This does not apply to auction bids).

C) Any user (including Verified TC Sellers) found to be selling Toricredits outside of the Toricredits board will receive immediate account suspension. This includes the in-game servers.

D) Promoting the trade of commodities unrelated to Toribash (aside from real currency) will result in infractions, and posts/threads being deleted (when applicable). Furthermore, you may not sell or trade your Toribash account under any circumstances.
Note: Due to recent cases of breach of this rule, we emphasize that the sale of commodities unrelated to toribash is illegal and will lead to bans which, depending on the case, may be permanent. The sale of items from other games, accounts and gift cards of all stores is prohibited. If someone offers you a deal involving this type of product, send a report to any market squad member.

E) Threads for buying Toricredits are not allowed.

F) Offering sets in the market that are labelled differently than their true content is prohibited. Doing so will be considered as severe fraud attempt and punished accordingly.

G) Users are strictly prohibited from posting in any thread they own with an alternate account. Users in violation of this rule will be infracted on both their main and alternate account.

H) Market bots and other market automation programs or utilities are banned from being used in Toribash.

I) Users are prohibited from close bumping (closing their last thread within 24 hours of it being posted and posting it again with the exact same purpose), or, bumping their thread within 24 hours of its latest post.

J) The sale of 'no QI' items is exclusive to Premium Shops on the Marketplace. No negociations involving 'no QI' items shall be made on the Market Board.

K) In the case that a user is banned during a deal, and can not complete a transaction, the other party (not banned) decides whether to suspend the deal and wait for the ban to lift, or to cancel and sell/buy from another party. In the case that both parties are banned during a deal, the deal is cancelled.
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Auction Rules
Auction Rules

A) Auctions must have an end date or time with GMT (I.E. 25/Dec or 24 hours after last valid bid), minimum (starting) bid, and raise.
.....I) You may also set an optional autobuy for your auction.
.....II) The minimum raise for all auctions must be at least 10TC.

B) If you withdraw a winning bid at the end of the auction you must pay the auctioneer 20% of that bid.
.....I) Furthermore, once you place a bid in an auction, it cannot be edited or cancelled under any circumstances.

C) Auctions can not be withdrawn or edited once someone has made a valid bid, only before.
.....I) You also may not accept an offer early once there is one.

D) All bids within an auction must abide to the auction's set minimum bid and minimum raise.

E) Auction bids may only be made using toricredits.
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Art Rules
Art Rules

A) Using copyrighted work without proven owner consent is plagiarism and is strictly forbidden.
.....I) 'Copyrighted work' here means any work or creation made by someone else - it has its regular meaning.
..........a) These works are automatically subjected to the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license unless explicitly stated otherwise.
..........b) If you use other artists' work in your own productions then you must adhere to any license, conditions, or specifications they list (or if none are listed then follow the license in clause A.I.1 above).
.....II) Free textures or textures released openly to the community may not be sold.

B) Do not sell variations of the same texture to multiple users in any circumstance, re-colors or minor edits do not constitute a new texture.

C) Following information must be added to all textures and texture previews:
.....I) The resolution they are made and displayed in, from 128, 256 or 512
.....II) The original artist of the set.
.....III) The previous owner of the set/texture when bought from someone else. If you are the first and only owner, please put "none".
.....IV) Whether or not you are willing to recolour the items and how much it would cost.

D) Textures must be at least 60% visible, however, marketing any texture that disrupts the integrity of gameplay or offers an unfair advantage to the user is strictly prohibited and the users involved in trade/use will be punished.

E) Texture previews must adhere to the following:*
.....I) A preview of both the front and the back of any texture/texture set must be provided.
.....II) All previews must be provided on Toribash's default shader.
.....III) Previews should not contain any obscuring items, Flames, 3D Items, Hair Items, Ghosts, Tori/Uke, in-game chat or 3rd party edits.
.....*Alternatively you can utilize toribashtextures.com for your previews. Click the link for more information.
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Flame Specific Rules
Flame Specific Rules

A) Do not create, request, buy, sell or wear flames that cause serious lag in-game or obstruct being able to play the game.

B) Thread Requirements:
.....I) Flame sales must have at least one preview with the entire flame against the default background.
.....II) Flame IDs must be posted any time a flame is being sold.
.....III) All previews of flames may not have a Flame Particle Texture activated within them.

C) You are permitted to have a flame shop (where you forge and sell flames), however, you are prohibited from selling/copying .DAT files containing flame data.

D) If a forger makes a mistake in the forging of a flame, this is the responsibility of the forger.

E) Plagiarism:
.....I) Do not copy flames outright; learning from other forger's designs is fine but direct carbon copies are plagiarism.
.....II) Flames by default are assumed to not be unique, this means that someone else can buy a flame exactly the same as another user, provided plagiarism has not taken place.
.....III) Do not request flames based on existing flames without explicit consent, do not even ask for "Something similar to [user-name]". You must describe what you want.
.....IV) Do not post your .dat files unless you are willing to share them publicly without restriction.
.....V) Do not edit someone else's .dat file to make your own flames, this is plagiarism.
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Art Commission and Request Board Rules

Art Commission and Request Board Rules

A) The artist and the buyer must agree on the folllowing for the comission to be considered valid:
.....I) Type of commission (head, set, etc)
.....II) Price
.....III) Deadline

B) Failure for either party to hold up their end of the deal will result in disciplinary action (i.e. buyer cancels request after the agreement is made/fails to pay upon completion OR artist does not complete the commission on time).

C) Do not use other people's Toribash-related artwork to demonstrate what you want, this encourages plagiarism.

D) Explain what you want in as much detail as you can - in both the post and the thread title.

E) Include:
.....I) Describe what colors you want, and what resolution (size) you want the image(s) in.
.....II) Your budget. Budgets must be at least 10tc.

F) The buyer is to pay for the commission UPON COMPLETION ONLY. If the buyer chooses to pay before the completion of the commission, they do so at their own risk.

**Changes can be made to the commission (i.e. price or completion deadline only if BOTH PARTIES AGREE)
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