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Laptop is not charging
Well... I plug in my charger to my laptop and the battery indicator shows that it plugged in. However, the battery itself doesn't not increase nor decrease it just stays there... Anyone know why this happened and/or how to fix it?

My spec, don't know if this help

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Does it say "plugged in, charging" or just "plugged in"? If your laptop shuts off as soon as you unplug the charger then it's probably a dead battery. If it's still capable of using battery though, just not charging, then you might have some more serious issue.

You can also try taking out your battery (while laptop is unplugged and off!) and clean the connectors with a dry tissue. Sometimes dust tends to get there through the cracks and block the connection.
Also you might just have a software bug? Highly unlikely but still possible. You can check if that's the case by using third party app like BatteryMon or something
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it says "Plugged in, not charging", it still decrease normally if unplug it.
Additional information: It only happens when the laptop is turned on and this laptop is 2.5 years old. It charged normally if i shut my laptop down and it decrease normally if unplug it while i am using it
What does batterymon do?
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Right, indeed it sounds like a faulty battery, you might have to replace it. However, you can try some fixes around the web first, they help some people if it's a software issue, which might be the case for you since its charging while its off.

Essentially what batterymon does is it monitors your battery charging statistics so it's easy to tell if the battery is actually charging or not.
Managed to fix it, turns out i mess a bit without i realize it on ASUS battery health charging which makes it stop charging if the battery is 60% above
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