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Toribash 5.4 beta 1 (12/22 update) - Steam, all OS
New build of Toribash 5.4 beta 1 is now available on steam.
To get it, navigate to your Steam library, right-click on Toribash and select Properties, and select public beta branch in Betas tab.

- Scripts menu
- Quests icons

Fixes and changes:
- All new menus can be localized
- Updated display order (Tooltip -> Movememory -> all other UI elements outside main menu)
- Pressing bell icon when notifications are already open now closes it instead of opening again
- "Start new game" checkbox in modlist menu (only affects MP, in SP fight is always restarted)
- Hide hint and feedback when saving a move in movememory to keep space for error messages
- New behavior for replay save popup (should display correct replay name after saving, shouldn't give replay saving errors anymore)
- Added background click and mouse buttons controls to settings menu
- TB_STORE_DATA errors when attempting to open main menu shouldn't be present anymore
- Fixed bug when advanced tooltip's joint status window was stuck forever after a fight
- Fixed bug when draw wasn't counted as fight end in challenge uke and comeback practice tutorials
- Updated phrasing in intro and punching tutorials
- Added atmospheres config file to store last used atmo
- Changed initial CTRL+H menu screen to "Shaders"
- Added "Back" button when searching in shaders menu
- Advanced tooltip now always shows your joint colors
- Removed leftover debug echo from Quests screen
- Fixed bottom smudges in replays menus
- Added live search for local replays
- Fixed bug that was preventing "Body textures" option from being set through new settings menu
- Selected "graphics presets" option is now same as your graphics settings instead of always being "custom"
- Mouse scroll controls now work properly when more than one scrollable list is displayed on screen
- Tutorials don't break anymore when game language is different from English
- Fixed bug that was keeping old mod when launching Challenge Uke tutorial
- Removed neck fracture sound when pressing Continue button in tutorials
- Fixed bug when player customs weren't being loaded in tutorials

Known bugs:
- /ls breaks everything (use /ls2 instead, /ls will be deprecated with next build)
- scripts board button text exceeds button size on small screens
- opening links can hang game client (linux)
- end game brings up "leaving tutorial" screen in comeback practice and fight uke tutorials (linux)
- comeback practice doesn't set proper mod settings for first fight
- creating a new replays folder gives a blank screen

Similar to previous build's thread, anyone who finds a bug (and states how it can be replicated) that hasn't yet been reported gets 10k.
If something is listed in "Fixed" list but is still a bug in this build, also post about that.
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I can move camera in tutorial by right mouse button but when i release mouse button it back to the correct place
покушай котлет с котлетами
So it turns out that i have the same quest twice
Not sure if this is a feature or a bug
But thought i'd post it here anyway to clear it up
To replicate i guess u could open ur quest menu and see for yourself?
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when you you clic on manage for a replay and you scroll that's do weird things.
"Gâle, peste, gengraine, trainent à l'entrée de son utérus,
C'est plus risqué de la ken que de jouer à la roulette russe..
Fuyez, elle a les lèvres déchirées qui moussent comme la Heineken,
Ya des tentacules qui pendent, c'est plus une chatte, c'est un Kraken.."
So i had that double Decap quest I got a decap and was greeted with this in the chat.
Also only one of My double quest updated
To replicate i guess u could Try to decap a player if u have that quest?
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Tori glitch 8.PNG (30.7 KB, 13 views)
Tori glitch 9.PNG (84.2 KB, 16 views)
i dont know if this was intentional but you cant set fps to unlimited anymore
this is pretty much useless now that it is in the settings tab

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When i was on my server and i set windowed mode in settings this happend:

pic ofc

It can be fix if i go back in fullscreen mode
покушай котлет с котлетами
Originally Posted by Tim0n24 View Post
When i was on my server and i set windowed mode in settings this happend:

pic ofc

It can be fix if i go back in fullscreen mode

just click or press space it happens whenever you make a new server