isn't C crouch by default?
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I'm Brazilian, i'm alredy fucked every day i wake up

for me it's Ctrl

actually C works as well, but as a toggle
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Lvl 35 here, im sweatin

I've rebound most of the things x)

I dont remember what is default and what is my new maps but here's my stuff:

Toggle crouch on C
Press and hold Crouch CTRL
Ping on middle mouse
Ultimate on E
Use on F
Special on Q
Remove weapon on X
Nades on 3

Also what's your favourite weapon combos?

I prefer r-99 with peacekeeper or r-301
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Add me Trylle, also we gotta play together some time brother.
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What are your origin handles? I'll add you both to the list with your tb names.

Also sure thana! I cant play tomorrow evening tho, as im playing the PUBG DreamTeam tournament
Real human from Event Squad! Send your applications to me <3

i'm at 43 or 44 i think, awesome game.
playing as wraith with peacekeeper and RE-45 or R99
not the newest one but post your stats too, would be good to see


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i have 1 game played with 1 dub to my name :^)

if u guys wanna play with an absolute retard, just add Woeb1

i main robot man btw
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