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yeah i kinda put that together, you literally do some spiderman looking shit with the slide too

anyone change the kb+m binds? I feel like ctrl is a little awkward for high pressure situations

Nah I use all defaults, I'm used to toggle crouching on C due to rainbow six siege so the defaults works pretty nice. The only thing that took me some time getting used to is the ultimate on Z.

I did create a profile on my mouse though to have a secondary way of using thee abilities:

But I end up only using the PTT one (T) and rarely the abilities (mostly Q)
Sup guys, played this game for a bit.

Can I be on the list?
Origin ID: TheEssensu
A few of my tryhard buddies get the same issue sometimes, i've never had any crashes.

added ya'll to the list with the origin handles sorted alphabetically.

why would you sort the origin handles and not the tb names alphabetically, colors? im an asshole
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Are y'all playing on old gramophones, how do you keep crashing?

120 fps is pretty decent, one cant really complain about that x)

also adding u bars

got the no witnesses, hot streak, flawless victory 1 and lifeline's wrath badges in one fuckin' game lmao
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Real human from Event Squad! Send your applications to me <3

I don't have anybody to play with on PC so I've been playing pretty much exclusively on Xbox, been racking up tons of wins though

my Origin is xHydrione, feel free to add me to the list and stuff.
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ill add you

NA or EU? Cos all my friends are sleeping and i need someone to play with, im on eu.
Real human from Event Squad! Send your applications to me <3