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Minecraft broke my computer??
clickbait, it was just my memory stick

So I returned playing Minecraft, it started a month ago. I've found a semi-vanilla server for 1.14.4, played it almost everyday.

Today, I was playing at this server and my screen suddenly freezed. Couldn't move the mouse nor open task manager.

Considering my PC specs I though "oh, ok *hard resets pc* " and then logged in, started minecraft, double click in the server and... Blue screen of death.

It started to happen frequently, and one time it did at the startup of windows. And the BSoD descriptions were kinda different each time. After some hours I decided to open my computer, clean it and replace my memory sticks.

The BSoD didn't happened again but now one of my memory sticks are not usable. It's recognized by the system but I can't use it.

(8,00 GB in total, 3,49 usable ) - says computer system.

Weird fact, my PC is like 7 years old, same as the 1st memory stick... but my 2nd memory stick was bought a year ago and it got damaged instead of the older memory.

well, could the game really damage my ram? or maybe the JVM idk..
Omg dude you should hit me up if it's still broken I know exactly the problem seeThe bios have been corrupted yes removing A stick makes it turn on but the problems will stay to fix it if you have a gpu connected you remove the hdmi and the gpu and plug the hdmi in the mother board it will have a inbuilt one it will then boot and say bios corrupted installing back up files and it will boot normally but if u plug the gpu back it won't so you first gotta get a flash drive download the newest bios files for ur mother board and q flash or q zip the bios to do this you search ur bios name in Google find a download for it maybe 12 mb not sure and add It to the flash and after plug the hdmi in the gpu and then it will say it's corrupted when the old ram is added keep it like that and while mid launching press f 12 or 2 or 9 what ever it is to make you go in bios from there since it is corrupted it will ask for it u will have the flash plugged in and download it and your done.
If this dosent work pm me and Im glad to help

It was literally the longest sentence I ever saw, cutter
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