the new map is also cool

reyna seems like a very strong solo agent, heal after every kill
balance also seems very even still

there were some hiccups with servers, but overall i think it was a good launch
alright guy
Wasn't able to unlock Reyna as my 2nd agent cause the rewards are bugged and I'm also missing a lot of the battle pass rewards but Ascent, spike rush and the new skins are great additions so I can't be too mad. Still hoping for a high tier phantom/operator skin similar to the prime ones that are already out, but I'll have to wait for that.
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The new additions to the game made it so much more fun and the game runs so much more smoother. I like the direction the game is taking tbh.
yeah spike rush is a lot of fun the only problem I'm having with it is the decay orbs just rolling your teams hps.
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played split like twice since the game came out, even after they changed the maps hnnn
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I'm Brazilian, i'm alredy fucked every day i wake up

I'm starting to not being able to stand this game anymore. The amount of bad players who don't even have the minimal game sense is amazing. Literally i'm playing with guys who hold the same position as me for no reason when there are more entrances in the site and ofc the enemy team comes the other way where nobody holds and we lose and other bullshit like this. This game badly needs a ranking system so it would be more balanced for players like me who have played anything else in their life (FPS mostly and anything else) besides LOL.
ranked is coming, they wanted to give time to players who hadn't played in the beta to get used to the game.
i feel like this game has attracted a large player base that is new to fps.
please don't rage at them in-game as it might deter them from playing ever again.
we were all bad when we started out.
best thing you can do is to calmly give advice on how to play better.
at the end of the day, it's just a game and people are trying to have fun.
if the only thing that's fun for you is winning, find a team to play with.
alright guy
^Comes from any perspective with new FPS games

Taking them too seriously won't be fun and will just ruin it for everybody involved.

It's a fucking fun game though
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