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Gaming monitors 144hz?
Looking to buy some gaming monitors with 144 hz and 1ms refresh time but im not really sure what to personally buy myself, my budget is up to $250-$300
What GPU do you have and what are you looking for? Do you also want good colour ranges, lower lows for brightness or do you not care for those things much.

For good colour ranges and viewing angles IPS panels are good, a good and relatively cheap IPS monitor is the MSI Optix G241.
If you like using your monitor on lower brightness settings VA panels are nice, they also have decent colour ranges and viewing angles, but not as good as IPS. A good VA monitor would be the MSI Optix G24C4.
Lastly, if you don't really care about colour ranges and viewing angles TN panels are also fine, the LG 24GL600F-B and Viewsonic XG2401 are decent and cheap options.

If you have an AMD GPU it is most definitely worth it to look for a monitor with Freesync, since that helps with screen tearing and stuttering. With a Nvidia GPU you can also look for a G-Sync monitor but those tend to be a lot more expensive due to the physical chip that needs to be in the hardware. All of the monitors I mentioned above are Freesync compatible, but if you want a GSync monitor the Dell S2417DG is a good option (165hz as well but quite expensive.)
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