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Toribash 5.44 - August update (Windows / Linux)

Updates coming with the August update:

  • Realtime ghost can now be seen by active fighters when set to "all"
    Logic for the /realtimeghost command is as follows:
    • off - disabled for everyone
    • ops - enabled for room operators only
    • specs - enabled for everyone except current fighters
    • all - enabled for everyone

  • Bounty updates
    You can see your bounty stats, bounty list and add new bounties on players using the game menu. Bounty menu is available from bottom left bar (head icon).
    See more about the upcoming bounty update in S&I:

  • Lua API updates
    • get_lua_userinfo([string username]) to download user info from server
      See PlayerInfo:getServerUserInfo() (script/system/player_info.lua) for usage example
    • download_inventory([string username]) to download user inventory from server (will download logged in user's inventory to data/script/torishop/invent.txt and specified user's inventory to data/script/torishop/uinvent.tmp)
      See Torishop:getInventoryRaw() (script/system/store_manager.lua) for usage example

  • Miscellaneous
    • Standalone installer should now check if you have the required VC++ Redist installed and download/install if it's missing
    • Fixed a uielement3d.lua bug that was causing draw() loop to stutter when attempting to display a non-existent 3d model
    • Confirmation boxes for activating items / adding bounties and such now follow the general design style instead of legacy gui

Steam versions for Windows and Linux are available on public beta branch.
Standalone Windows version:
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Pushed an update to Steam beta:

- Deprecated /opt realtimeghost and /ghostjoint commands (they were too confusing and fairly useless). Real-time ghosts now only depend on server setting instead of both client and server settings.
- Reduced time interval between real-time ghost updates from 1.2s to 0.75s and added a forced update after 1s if joint state was changed but not sent due to time limit