dude i still dont know how this works, edit: just in case .pretty sure i can get 3600 with this one, my air game is just bad
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Posting this for measurement
The script lays the lines on multiples of ED/100, so in my replay they don't appear on xx00 values, but each small line is 10 ED so it should still be easy to measure by comparing to nearby values and counting the lines. Also, the script needs to be reloaded after you load a new replay
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longest jump2.rpl (138.1 KB, 8 views)
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oh yeah
alright I'm here to measure. sorry for the delay

Longest jump2 -- I measured -3635

Jaker_R_Longest_Reverse_Jump_Decap_-3600_FIXED (1) -- I measured -3605

So pusga has the lead. 3 day period starts now
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this is a horrible record

the total ed of the replay is 3660 and i used the old opener from my attempt that got beaten by pusga
so the ed should be 3650.
but i would be glad if rfifan could confirm it
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I made another version of the script that only shows xx00 values for reading it easier
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oh yeah