can't cnc the aikido match, I know nothing about it. instead i'll be cnc'ing the spar labeled "amber"

so turbocharge, here we go!

not bad movement, you're starting to get some flow into your movement, even if you switch direction a lot. try to continue going in on continuous direction, unless you see an opportunity to switch where it'll look good. on frame 900, I would've spun around and gone for a sweep, because you partner just went high. frame 765 and 720, you switched direction twice and it looked very bad. remember to keep going in a singular direction for a period of time, and only switch rotation when necessary.( although I think I've said it enough that you're getting sick of it) make sure to get some kicks and punches in there as well, and telegraph them too ( make them noticeable) other than that, good spar, keep up the good work!

6/10, not great, but getting there!

EDIT: please do something for me. As you know, Toribash is starting to stagnate, and replay makers aren't getting any feedback. please comment on two replays on anyone's replay thread, whether it be sp or mp.

Just please, comment and give feedback on someone's replays. thanks!
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hi i'm karbn and i eat ass; love the market overlord
lenshu but inside a dome with Kane, (thank you so much for giving me the chance to test out the mod bro <3)
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