I am stonk?
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Resten fixar jag
Resten fixar jag
Resten fixar jag

Rythm is my bby simp queen;"""3
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is there a deadline yet ?

There is no deadline as of now. Things are pretty up in the air currently and partly dephend on how effective of a method this turns out to be, as far as collecting extraordinary replays goes.
dont think its good enough but wanted to submit something regardless
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fimmy toribsah discorD DECAPgo be on fire somewhere elseₜₕₑ fᵢᵣetck listener
Throw in this would ya, supreme multiplayer xspar replay!! ;)

And a sp parkour!
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jag såg de där
foolish question:do i need to post new replays via new post here, or i can just update that one i already made?
It took me ten years to find the answer to something, and I forgot about it in two seconds