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Toribash 5.52 alpha - Steam (Windows / macOS)
Toribash 5.52a1 is now available on alpha branch on Steam.
This build has some major backend updates targeted at speeding up overall performance on multi-core processors.

  • Added asynchronous customs loading
  • File downloader now runs on a separate thread
  • Optimized player sound loading

Earlier builds had data corruption issues due to threads conflicting with each other, with this one it doesn't seem to be the case but in case you still experience it please make sure to post here with some details.
5.52 alpha 2 is now available on alpha branch for Windows

New stuff:
  • Item effects

    In-game look

    Effects are supported for force items, relax items, bodyparts and head. To try them out, add EFFECT lines to your item.dat
    Format: EFFECT[id] 0; [enabled 0|1] [effectid 1-3] [glowcolorid] [glow intensity]
    Only two effects are supported now, toon shading (1) and fresnel glow (2). Use 3 to combine.

    Only default shaders mode is now supported, if you have raytrace enabled you won't see any difference.

  • /set numplayers 1|2
    Quick command for replaymakers

  • + fixed some miscellaneous bugs
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  • /set numplayers 1|2
    Quick command for replaymakers

Hey this command is really cool! Thanks for implementing it, it will make life easier for many!

I know it is only in alpha but I think I have found a bug: I do "/ set numplayers 1" and then change the mod to xspar to make the change effective, then without doing anything I do "/ set numplayers 2" to return to 2 players , to make the modification effective I reload xspar from the mod list.
that's when I put it back the game crashes.
am i doing something wrong? some mod files may contain data that causes conflicts? or is it just a bug?

however, is it possible to make the command effective without reloading the mod?

Edit: I think there are also problems in viewing a replay saved while numplayers was set to 1
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Likely a bug, I'll take a look at it

It will require restarting the game same as with majority of other game rules, no way to remove a player without it
Did you get any crash dumps in your Toribash folder? Don't see any related dumps in Steam admin here.
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I did other tests, this time for example after setting the game on one player I reloaded the xspar mod, and immediately I noticed a strange thing: the ghost showed a forecast in which it fell down penetrating the ground, I made some moves but tori glitched himself with the ground, dismembering some parts of his body and then the game crashed.

This time an MDMP file has been generated (I think this is what you were referring to in the last message), I am attaching it to you.

I don't know if this problem is related to the previous one, as the command seemed to work this time, only last time it didn't generate this crash file for me and this time yes.

(As for the immendiate effectivity of the command, wouldn't it be enough to make the mod 'reload' automatically after carrying out the command? maybe it could be a solution to have an immediate command, although I don't know if that makes sense...)
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5.52 alpha 3 is now available on alpha branch for Windows


  • Added dithering item effect (4) and updated EFFECT line to take one more argument for dithering pixel size

  • Numplayers related issues should no longer be happening (let me know if you still manage to crash the game when changing number of players)

  • Miscellaneous changes and fixes:
    • Fixed effects-related crashing on non-shader graphics introduced by previous build
    • Fixed ordering on timer text / ring so that text is displayed on top
    • Fixed an issue with new menu not being able to access replay/mod folders when filesort option is set to 0
    • Uke spot name/score is no longer displayed when making/viewing 1-player replay

Also here's a look at how glow works with bumpmap textures: