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Toribash 5.52 beta - Steam (Windows, macOS)
Toribash 5.52 beta 1 is now available on beta branch on Steam for Windows and macOS!

See more about 5.52 updates in alpha release thread

What's new in 5.52b1:

  • Inventory updates
    In-game inventory received a bunch of new features and under-the-hood improvements

    • Item customize screen with texture upload, effect and level controls
    • Inventory list state is now remembered if you reopen menu
    • Deprecated separate featured sale display, viewing featured sale now brings you straight to game store and selects that item
    • Double click on set in the list to view its contents
    • Download and display item's texture instead of item icon when available
    • Display item's fused effects in the list
    • More reliable icon and model downloads
    • More reliable post purchase screen
    • Prevent menu from getting stuck when attempting to view an empty store section

  • Other changes
    • Added BitOp library support for Lua
    • Added effects support in raytrace graphics mode
    • Lua texture limit has been raised to 384
    • Fixed crash when attempting to open Toribash as replay viewer
    • Fixed confirmation box text overflow
    • Lua get_color_info().game_name field to get the color's game name
    • Improved menu element scaling on low resolutions
    • Tori Twerk atmo by Tomato
    • Player count dropdown in Gamerules
    • Miscellaneous fixes and backend improvements
there seems to not be a disable button on the effect that was applied on item or am i just simply blind, or is it intentionally so once applied u cant take it off?

Effect fusion is permanent, you can't deactivate it once the effect is fused with an item

also joint textures act kind of funny with the glowy things, they show through the joints when playing with objects on, but in replay they dont show through joint textures for some reason

It's a bug, replay joints were using bodypart effects instead of force item's effect. Will be fixed in release build.
It says that effect fusion is irreversible when you attempt to fuse items in game client, yes. I'll add a note on forums if there's none now.
Current market is going to be phased out so it's unlikely to receive any updates. You can see if the item has an effect applied when you view user's inventory though.