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Longest jump to decap
3000 according to my measurement, ignore replay name.
My method of measuring was probably different from the current record, but I would consider it more accurate:

1. Play the replay until the frame of the decap, pause on that frame
2. Turn on the distance script
3. Restart the replay and check the distance on last touch

With this method, I measured around 2950 for the current record

RFIFAN'S NOTE: Script doesn't work on 5.52.
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hi I rise from the dead. many apologies :<

so I got to measuring it using your method, but none of the lines were appearing except for the 0 line, but I could still see the measurement values where the lines would've been, so I almost had to kind of guess where it was

uke - frame of decap

pusga - frame of last ground countact

from what I could see from these screenshots, the distance is somewhere between 2970 and 3000. but it is 100% farther than the current record.

if you want I can set it as 2970-3000 until we get a specific measurement
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I assume this isn't how you guys measure things but I felt like doing it anyway for fun.

Using `/opt debug 1` and hovering over the left wrist to get the position of the left hand, which is the closest of the two last parts contacting the ground, it looks to be positioned at "1.82 15.37 0.18". (The position is in the top left, second line.)

last frame of contact

Then by going to the frame of the decap and hovering over the neck joint, you can see the head is positioned at "0.99 -14.67 2.35".

frame of decap

Then you take those two vectors to Wolfram Alpha and have it compute the distance, which comes out to 30.1297, which you would multiply by 100 to get in the units that Toribash distance records use, giving you 3,012.97 units.

Note: If it's more appropriate to just use the Y values (which is the direction pusga is going), then it would be the absolute value of both added together, so (15.37 + 14.67) * 100, which is 3,004.
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let's keep measurements simple...

Noted: 5th grade algebra is too complicated for Rfifan.
Honestly didn't know about the debug mode, makes it much easier. I agree that measuring should be simple, but to me this seems to be less of a hassle than downloading a third party script that occasionally needs to be updated to work with new tb versions and is less accurate.
It's not complicated at all either, if we consider only the Y axis it's just |Yneck - Yhand|.
Using this new method, the current record seems to be 2959
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