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Toribash 5.53 alpha - Steam (Windows)
Toribash 5.53 alpha is now available on alpha branch on Steam for Windows machines.
To try it out, go to Toribash properties from your Steam Library, open Betas tab and switch to "alpha" branch.

Toribash 5.53 has the new Market support, bug fixes and some other minor updates.

  • Market
    Pretty much the same functionality as the web version of Marketplace.
    You can put your items on sale or submit purchase requests, view shops and so on.
    More info about Marketplace in News

  • Other
    • Inventory is now automatically downloaded on startup so you should no longer need to wait until it refreshes the first time you open Inventory or Market.
      Opening those instantly after starting the game before files have finished loading would still cause status errors / loading screens.
    • Inventory data is now cached in memory after first load which should boost loading speed on huge inventories / machines with slow disk.
    • Account tab has been removed from main menu, Account menu can now be accessed by pressing a button next to username on top right
    • Added information title on system confirmation boxes (buying item, unlocking pack etc)
    • Game will now load a random replay from one of default folders on startup
    • -1 notifications bug shouldn't be occuring anymore
    • Fixed bug with file browser not opening
    • Fixed bug with resolution being too high when current screen resolution is lower than max supported
    • Added rounded corners on main GUI elements
    • Added new graphical assets

As usual, if you spot any bugs please share them here.