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Toribash 5.53 beta 3 - Steam (all platforms)
Toribash 5.53b2 is now available on beta and alpha branches on Steam for Windows.
To try it out, go to Toribash properties from your Steam Library, open Betas tab and switch to the appropriate branch.

Toribash 5.53 alpha thread
Toribash 5.53 beta thread
Toribash 5.53 beta 2 thread

New in this build:

  • New physics sim mode to ensure game doesn't crash on 3/4 player mode when players are spawned inside each other or inside env objects (Windows only)
  • Fixed bug with "invisible" 3d objs staying on players causing issues with new customs
  • Fixed crash when switching from 1 player to 3/4 player mode
  • Game now uses default system cursor to make sure it's using same scale
  • Fixed bug with timer not disappearing after you hit space in Multiplayer
  • Fixed bug with overwriting an existing replay throwing an "invalid name" error
  • Fixed bug with scrollable menus not working with custom gui scaling
  • Fixed bug with settings screen showing incorrect resolution when using custom gui scaling
  • Added dynamic bounds for max allowed gui scaling depending on current resolution

Known issues:
  • Menu doesn't scale elements properly on macOS when high dpi mode is enabled
  • Game will potentially crash when players spawn inside each other or objects on macOS / Linux

Any other bugs you notice that are still there, please let me know.
Here's some random cosmetic oddities

#1 - There are random times where the "Waiting for your turn: #n in queue" completely disappears. Not turn white or something; confirmed that the text element completely disappears as it does not return after opening and closing HUD or using other shaders that change text colors.
Seems to fix itself when closing and reopening the game, randomly happens and I cannot replicate it.

#2 - The belt text coloring has been shifted somehow; Tori's belt is now Uke's blue color, and Uke's belt is now a black color.
Consistent and can be seen in any server with 2+ players.

Good work otherwise, pretty stable & no longer crashing.
Are there any plans to update the mod maker user interface?