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replay thread thingy cnc appreciated don't expect anything good im bad at game

cuties is old
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i gotta be uncircumcised the way all this cheese is pilin up
collab with ymir~
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i gotta be uncircumcised the way all this cheese is pilin up

First off the replay name is a 10/10, hail the oral cigarettes.

I enjoy the idea of openers where you start back to back with uke quite a lot, it's not done as much as it should be considering you can get some properly cool stuff out of it. Considering it's a very short replay with nothing much to it i can't say much. Overall it feels very stiff, but it's almost a good stiff because it's a minimalistic replay, the way you almost hooked your leg around for the actual kick is pretty neat aswell and i enjoy the knife through butter vibe it's got, pose is aight. Overall an aight replay

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I honestly am so bored of aikido/judo esc openers by now i won't even mention it.
Overall the replay is just a fun little "fuck uke up for a few minutes" vibe, not much to mention

Picking Flowers

The overall stop motion feel to the opener is very clunky and weird because of your arm movements going all over the place, woulda like you to have kept that, motion, stop, motion stop, feeling throughout the entire replay, would of looked sick. But the middle of the replay looks like a normal esc madman with decently solid movements into some cool dm's. I did thoroughly enjoy the stop motion vibe coming back for that last kick, looked sweet in my opinion. Cool replay overall, would like you to do something similar where as i said you keep that stop, motion, feeling through the entire replay.

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The name is... interesting ...

Replay had a very cool vibe, almost feels like a 2013 version of my madmans haha.
Opener feels very generical but does it's job i guess, good placement onto that first kick to get some clean looking dm's aswell. I enjoyed that you didn't do what most people do and do some unnecessary movement to go for the next few dm's and just swooped your arm down and under for that knee grab, that first kick was kinda meaningless and jesus christ if you spent some more time on that second kick with placement you coulda destroyed the entire torso. The last iffy little pullback with your arm to the next kick looks very forced and almost desperate to get more dm's.

I enjoy these type of madmans where you just go and fuck uke up, but i'd like to see some more movement added.


This feels hella OG ukebashing, the opener is very, well, generic. The pause after the initial kick is very bland and kinda brings the replay down, it feels like you just spaced out and didn't know which body part to go with, the next SPAZZY part of movement is almost reminicant of what rutz used to do. I did enjoy the brutal knee boom at the end though
Cool replay, seems like very little effort and in general another "fuck uke up for a few minutes" feeling.

out of place

From the get go it shows that you spent way more time and effort into this one, movement is way more present and you have more of a presence on the replay. The hits for the manip all in all are super enjoyable and clean, the transition after you last hit him in the air and fall down, that launch up gave me serious Jisse vibes of shit he used to do, however as soon as you kick you pretty much went limp noodle mode and then just switched into fuck uke up mode. Cool replay, best you've done so far.

All in all some decent and cool stuff. Keep at it and try to push some boundaries, don't stay too comfortable or you're gonna end up doing the same replay over and over

Jun 2, 2023 - .best. day. ever.
these dms are fucking stupid lol

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i gotta be uncircumcised the way all this cheese is pilin up
"i dont tend to like replays that are just boom boom boom boom you die bye bye, but this one is actually pretty satisfying good job" - iris

me happy

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i gotta be uncircumcised the way all this cheese is pilin up
better than me now congrats, bump.
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better than me now congrats, bump.


Abadon is collab with rcrichman, and World's End Valentine is collab with glimpsed, ily guys thank u for the openers

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i gotta be uncircumcised the way all this cheese is pilin up