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Hello Toribash Gamers, welcome to our Easter celebration! What other way to celebrate a holiday other than taking part in some events brought to you by the one and only...


Keep an eye out for the events, there'll be plenty! From art-related events, to client events that will for sure keep you busy!

I was supposed to keep it a secret and let you look around for tips to find out what we have planned for the next month to celebrate Easter this year, but I figured doing a seperate event focused on egg hunting would be far more interesting!

Once the event is live, the event banner will be added, clicking on it will lead you to the thread.





Phew... let's hope I won't get in trouble for that...
I do have some more exciting announcements!

Ever felt like we don't have enough items to commemorate Easter? ME TOO!!
So with that in mind, our fellow Item Forgers have prepared a plethora of exciting items that you'll want to wear even after Easter is over!

simply click on the icon and it'll take you straight to the store : )

more items will get added real soon! check back later!

Bunny Ears

Bunny Slippers

Pom The Bunny

Lop Bunny Ears

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First event is live!
Click on the banner and it'll take you to the thread!

Egg Painting is a shorter event (2 week deadline) similar to the HTOTM format.
You don't need to be an artist to participate, show us your effort and we'll reward you with a unique Egg Head item and 2st!
Winners and Runner-ups will get far better rewards to highlight their artistic prowess!
Hey! Another event?!
Click on the banner and it'll take you to the thread!

This event is something completely different! It's an art event dedicated to all the clans!
Compete in this artistic brawl, the winning clan gets neat tc, clan point and... A UNIQUE BADGE!
Better get started! The deadline is in 2 weeks!

Pom the Bunny arrived early with gifts to share~

Cousin Benjamin welcomes Easter with his floppy ears. You might want to repeat what you said earlier though...

Lop Bunny Ears

Tori decided that collecting eggs was too much of a chore, and gave birth to the egg man!

Egg Head

We don't know much of Pom's past - all we were told is that Pom enjoys collecting eggs inside that tiny top hat, but don't let that innocent look lower your guard down...

Pom the Bunny

Click here to view all Easter items, on sale until the 18th!
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Whoa! A parkour event?!
Easter really blesses everyone within the community!
Click on the banner and it'll take you to the thread!

Your good ol' Parkour client event. As per usual, get to the checkpoint and...
Wait, why is there an egg there? OH! it's part of the advanced reward!
You better TOUCH THE EGG then!
The hunt is on!
Click on the banner and it'll take you to the thread!
Forum Egg Hunt is out take on the tradition of egg hunting!
Can you find them all and be the first to post it?
You better be! We have some awesome rewards waiting for the quick and mighty!
Last event to celebrate Easter this year is out!
Click on the banner and it'll take you to the thread!

This event is something COMPLETELY NEW!
We hope you enjoy this event, it was a linked effort of our highly skilled Mod Makers and the creative Event Squad!
The eggs got scrambled, can you help with throwing them into the new basket?
Oh yeah, there's also an egg on top of the head, if you do that you'll get a unique 3d item!
Thank You!
To each and every one of you who participated in this years Easter events!

All Easter events have concluded, everyone should be getting their rewards soon : )

Everyone did great, from the artists redesigning clan logos, to insane replaymakers!

Talking about the latter, there was one player who swept every single competition.

This player was...

To commemorate your irrefutable replaymaking artisty, we wanted to reward you with a little something ; )

Sadly one event was cut short by Goughy and Nokia, their dominance in easter egg hunting has truly ruined... ekhem... I mean, made my day!

So here it is, The Final Easter Egg!

Your new companion, it'll always be around in your inventory, reminding you of how eggs-traordinary you are!