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Uke Plush

Hey there toribashers! Today is a very special day and month because after a ton of work, we're happy to announce you can buy a Toribash Plush for yourself, your friends, your parents and everyone who has ever doubted your successful Toribash career! Isn't Uke just the cutest thing ever? Hopefully you feel bad about all the times you mercilessly crushed him. What about his family? You can support them (and us) by buying this plush! You ALSO get an in-game Uke Plush item for buying the Uke Plush! This is a partnership with Makeship, huge thank you to them for making this possible

From the website:

Your first Toribash friend who’s also literally a kicking dummy that gets ripped to shreds every time. Now (at least) ten times cuter - but still with *detachable* bodyparts!

BONUS: Every person to purchase the limited edition Uke plushie will also receive a code for FREE Mini Uke 3D item in Toribash! Codes will be sent via email after a successful campaign ends.

Product Information:

Designed by Toribash, Uke Plush is made with an Ultra Soft Fleece exterior that feels amazing! The interior is stuffed with fluffy Polypropylene cotton filling to keep its shape for years to come. Each Plush is tagged to show exactly how many were created, making your limited edition plush even more special. Uke Plush arrives in a reusable drawstring bag and shipped in a compostable mailer to limit environmental impact. Support Toribash by pre-ordering today!


Please consider buying Uke Plush to support future developments coming to the game!

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yo any chance we could get a tori plushie as well? i'd love to have them side by side on my mantle next to my father of the year trophy
Hmm, looks like they started refunding after the initial 21-day period expired, despite us getting a week extension.
Will contact them but unfortunately it wouldn't have hit the goal at this point anyway.
Aww man. You're probably right, but I was holding out hope that someone would come and order 200 at the last second