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Event Squad Recruitment Drive
The Event Squad and Co. are recruiting again!
It's that time again! Event Squad and co. are actively recruiting again. We are looking for people that help us with mods, art and items for events but also for people that are hosting them.

Why join the Event Squad?
Let me tell you! You’ll be working alongside a dedicated team that puts their focus towards entertaining the community and keeping in touch with their needs. You’ll be rewarded via ES Reward System, which allows you to retrieve various items and perks, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg! Here at Event Squad we are a team, a tight-knit group of people dedicating their time to satisfy the community with events that let you explore many dynamics and niches within this game. While the team is branched out to ESA, ES, IF and MM we all share the same intentions, to do better and bring more fun to the game.

Below you can find the positions we are looking to fill at the moment. If you are interested in any, read what's inside the corresponding spoiler below and apply!

What is expected from you as an Event Squad Member?
*What we require from you is activity and dedication, this staff group is the only one that is required to go in-game and host, so expect us to look at your activity and engagement.
As a staff group centralized around bringing entertainment, fun and joy to the community, there are a couple of aspects we expect you to bring on-board joining the team.

Activity - This is crucial. We are most popularly known for our regular ETourneys and other in-game events. There are no regular events if you’re not regular. As such, you are required to host at least a couple times every month.

Creativity - In order to give out as much as we do to the community, we expect your wonderful creativity to fuel this train. We expect you to suggest new ideas, and provide your insight and remarks to improve current events we have in the works.

Community relations - As an ES member, you are expected to be closely tied with the community and come up with novel ideas to gratify the gaps. It is etiquette that we, the event squad, maintain a positive relationship with our fellow gamers and recognize their wants.

The Event Squad provides you with a platform where your voice truly counts. We hear your, we support your ideas and provide improvements for you to grow with us and aid the community grow. This means you’re able to explore the lingering ideas you’ve had when it comes to hosting/designing something completely novel in nature. And yes, you’ll be rewarded and your work will not go unnoticed ;)

In return, we expect a solid, active host (both in-game and behind the scenes), working to bring entertainment to the people.

How to apply?:
Send a private message to any Event Squad member from this list.

In your application, ensure you;
  • mention any languages you are proficient in and your time-zone (availability)
  • include examples of your work
    (i.e. if you’re applying for IF, include your past work / experience or if you’re applying for ES, include events you’ve hosted in the past.)
  • let us know why you’re applying to join us and what you bring to the table
If you’re struggling to start on your application, you may want to read up on this helpful tutorial by Karen on how to apply for a staff position.

Please do not post your applications here.
Please use this thread for questions and clarifications. Any "good luck" or "I applied" posts are subject to infraction.

We'll be taking in applications actively for the next month or so, however we are always open to applications. We do not have a limit / quota for how many positions we have to offer so do not be demotivated.

Thanks for all the apps, we've already picked our new trials.

If you didn't get picked this time around don't give up!

We're always happy to see apps even besides the time of recruitment drive, and we encourage people to re-apply in a month or two : )