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ToriAgent Recruitment Drive

What is a ToriAgent?

Toriagents are a team primarily focused on helping users and maintaining a nice atmosphere for the game, discord and forum.

As a ToriAgent, it's your often job to be the judge on whether or not rules have been broken and what action should be taken. It is up to you to provide good judgement and make the right calls when dealing with a variety of reported cases.
We work as a team to handle reports, so you'll never be totally on your own to be the soul judge of a case. Having a familiarity with the rules and some technical aspects of the game is a huge plus.

We ensure a fun and safe environment for the entire player base by dealing appropriately with users who are reported breaking the rules and helping support cases both on the forum and on discord.

Teamwork is very important here.
You will have the rest of your team to help you out as well as the rest of the staff when you need assistance.

How do I apply?

First, we urge everyone to read this amazing tutorial, It'll give you a good idea of what we look for in an app. Please don't send an app that you've clearly put 0 effort in, as it will quickly result in a denial.

After reading and writing your application, submit it to any ToriAgent or Hanna

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when are these due?

I plan on going through apps on the 1st of December.
First wave has been decided! New trials are: ponzo, gg, and viddah. Second wave may be possible, updates again in a week.
i think i sent in a App
i hope i sent an App and i hope too im not late to the party
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d o r p
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For the second "wave", the only person we're pulling in is sleep. Many others applied, however more people weren't necessary this time 'round.