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Best PC Games Store?
Okay, Xbox Game Pass is really good.

It's interesting to see Epic vs Steam, although I've never seen a more bugged pc app than Epic Store, it's very bad.
I'm always more inclined towards steam because its the better launcher in aspects of not causing issues with windows. I've actually had to throttle back to windows 10 from 11 due to launcher issues with epic-games and battle-net. It will forever be a pet peeve for me not being able to have all my games in one unified launcher. However, I can't exactly argue with the offers and sales that come up on EPIC. I got GTA V for 1/4th price as opposed to usual from EPIC, and some people got it for free.

With respect to functionality and ease of use - god steam is a clear winner. With respect to sales, games launches and updates - everything else pretty much.

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i dread opening the epic launcher

gog galaxy is worth looking into, since afaik all the games available on their platform are drm-free
That was really bad sorry.
Someone tell me why this guy is highly respected by some people ???
i use mostly all launchers and consoles (with the exception of playstation stuff)

in the epic games store they literally give away free games ranging from triple a titles to indie games. i got GTA 5 for free on Epic which was pretty cool.

if you use a little bit of everything you can get really good games for basically 0 money. not to mention if you use discord a lot epic gives you free nitro sometimes. pretty cool stuff.
The DRM thing is a huge difference maker?

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ot to mention if you use discord a lot epic gives you free nitro sometimes. pretty cool stuff.

That's really nice, i didn't know about this one.