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Farthest Distance Traveled in 500 Frames
I'm BOOST and im the fastest man in earth

the new distance is -5250, 50 more than the actual world record.

i can't attach the replay for some reason so i uploaded it to mediafire
wow I forgot mediafire is actually pure cancer and has like 10000 download links and I had to find the one download link that wasn't a virus

it's good.

grace period starts now
RIP [duck] Aug 28 2011 - April 20 2020

no way you're waking my ass up for a measly +50, tussle with me for real

ill need someone to check it though i dont have the distance script any more lol
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it's gouda.

tabby strikes back will boost make a return and prove they're the distance champ?
RIP [duck] Aug 28 2011 - April 20 2020