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Toribash 5.60 alpha - iOS

This thread is primarily targeted at gaining feedback on the iOS version of Toribash.
Sign up for testing:

Information for testers:

Build 230320 changelog:

  • If you encounter any crashes, please make sure to submit a report when prompted by your device.
  • For any other issues you can either submit feedback from TestFlight app or post it here.
  • Tap joints to change their state, long press to trigger joint state selection wheel
  • Some hud buttons (e.g. Ready) show additional controls on long press
  • Move camera by moving finger around, pinch to zoom in or out
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i think with the current camera system the game is way more difficult than it needs to be, having the camera permenantly orbiting the player would make it much easier to select moves faster on ios
also for whatever reason the volume of my music from spotify is cut in half when i play
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New build is now live:

  • Updated main hud with additional buttons (edit replay, toggle grips)
  • Replay hud will no longer show speed slider when replay cache isn't ready
  • Replays browser should now display locally saved replays as well as preloaded ones
  • Replay saving should work now
  • Unicode support for replay names
  • Fixes and UI updates to Replays menu windows (edit folder, manage replay, etc)
  • Tooltip shouldn't be getting stuck on screen anymore (or at least should now get stuck less often)
  • Tap on empty main menu area to close it
  • Inventory menu should now be properly scrollable
what about having a t-posed tori for u to tap on so u dont have to move the camera?
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how can I get access?

No way to get access now if you didn't sign up during the initial registration.

Pushed new build live, changes inside:
  • Always focus camera on active player
  • Fixed bug with ghost not updating on grip toggle via hud button
  • Fixed bug with camera move triggering active player deselection with background click enabled
  • Better resource management when app enters background
Probably not on release (depends on how much time it'd take to finish other features) but I eventually plan to add push notifications, yes.
If you meant displaying broadcasts as notifications while you're in game, that's not possible - iOS only allows showing notifications when the application is in background (which I'm fairly certain is the case for Android as well).
i meant push notifs ya
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No plans to add it as a built-in feature

i think having a button that toggles it to control with would eliminate the difficulty differences with its controls between platforms making both ways of playing balanced
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