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Toribash 5.60 alpha - iOS

This thread is primarily targeted at gaining feedback on the iOS version of Toribash.
Sign up for testing:

Information for testers:

Build 230320 changelog:

  • If you encounter any crashes, please make sure to submit a report when prompted by your device.
  • For any other issues you can either submit feedback from TestFlight app or post it here.
  • Tap joints to change their state, long press to trigger joint state selection wheel
  • Some hud buttons (e.g. Ready) show additional controls on long press
  • Move camera by moving finger around, pinch to zoom in or out
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New build is live, here's what's new:
- Fix for crash on replay playthrough when in SP
- Fix for fluid blood reflections
- Added simple blood rendering mode
- Added lower quality fluid blood option
- Added inverted camera options in settings
- Added camera focus mode option in settings (see details below)
- Minor performance improvements for flame rendering
- Remember blood stains option changes across sessions

Camera focus on selected joint is an experimental mode.
For better experience, enable background click to be able to focus out (first tap zooms on selected player, second tap deselects active player).

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When do you think the official game will be released?

No hard ETA, I want it to work somewhat smoothly first. There's plenty platform-specific functionality that will have to be added too before we're comfortable with the release so I wouldn't expect it to be ready until late summer or so.
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New build is now available, changes inside:
- New visuals for broadcast and quest popups
- Fixed tooltip getting stuck in tutorials or events
- Fixed tutorial / event exit prompts layering
- Fixed bug with new notifications appearing at the bottom of the list
- Minor improvements for simple blood rendering performance
New build now live, changes:
- Added launch splash screen
- Fixed bug with login/register menu being broken on first launch
- Higher sky and sun texture resolution in shaders
Why not support Android.
i very like this game. but it not support android. i want to play your game. (android)
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android port when

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Why not support Android.
i very like this game. but it not support android. i want to play your game. (android)

If I had to guess, it'll be ios for a while because making a game for apple is so much easier than making a game for android. ios is only 1 os with very few phones so its easy to make it work well on all devices. Android has so many os's from all the different phone companies and they make literally thousands of android phones every year. Its a much harder task making a game run smoothly on all android phones compared to apple phones.
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Yesterday's build is now live:
  • Updated visuals for Community Replays tab and its submenus
  • Fixed bug with infinite room list loading
  • Fixed bug with menu resolution not updating properly on graphics scaling changes
  • Fixed potential crash when handling strings with invalid UTF8 symbols
New build is live, contains a fix for crash that'd happen after bringing Toribash back to foreground after it was minimized
Signups for the second testing round are open:
If you already have access, you don't need to sign up again
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