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How do I change my name?
How do I change my name on Toribash?

Name changes are granted upon request by Administrators.

It's fairly simple. You are required to contact an Administrator (staff with red colored names) from this list, either via private message or on the Toribash Official Discord.

.....1. Upon contacting an administrator, state the username you would like to change your account name to.
.....2. Upon approval, you will be asked to transfer 100,000 TC* to the administrator.
.....3. Your account name will be changed for you upon receiving the funds.

However, your new username must
  • be of atleast 4 characters long (e.g. greg)
  • be alphanumeric (e.g. greg10)
  • NOT include profanity or slurs

The approval of your chosen username is subject to the discretion of the administrator or the moderation team, who will determine its appropriateness.

What if my username is already taken?
This will most likely be the case if you're going for a shorter name.
Generally, if the name you wish to change to is already taken by an account, the account must be inactive for at least 3 years.

Certain names, irrespective of the duration of inactivity on the current account, are unavailable for use. This restriction applies to accounts that meet any of the following criteria (but is not limited to these):

  • Considered significant or important.
  • Have accumulated more than 500 posts.
  • Have achieved a QI exceeding 500.
  • Are referenced by automated processes.
  • Suggest an association with TSA (ToriShop Admin).

What if I want change a letter to upper/lower case of my current name?
Case changes cost 5,000 TC per letter.

For example, list to LisT would cost 5,000 + 5,000 = 10,000 TC.
Similar to how you would traditionally change your name, you are required to contact an administrator for this purpose as well.

How many times can I change my name?
You are allowed to change your name as many times as you want, as long as they satisfy the criteria mentioned above in this thread.

*However, the cost for a name change doubles every time.
i.e. the second time you change your name you will need to pay 200,000 TC, the third time would cost you 400,000 TC and so on.

The moderation team retains the sole authority to decline a name change without the obligation to provide a reason for their decision.
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So new namechanges must include at least one number from now on? Is that a new thing?

No. By alphanumeric it means it can only be letters and numbers, no other characters or symbols. You don’t have to have numbers.
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Does the price cap, or would your 15th namechamge cost 1,638,400,000 tc?

I think by then, you might as well pay $25
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So how is dick allowed to have that name if profanities are not allowed?

dick is another name for Richard
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dick is another name for Richard

And another name for penis. I'm not saying we should ban him. But at least let's unban people like MrRapey if that is your reason. Since Rapey can mean carrot in Hungarian....