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Looking to start up some hearthstone, but I am not sure whether to choose, Battlegrounds or the main game.

I have watched streams, and videos of both and they both seem very interesting but I thought I would come here for the deciding factor.
I haven't played battlegrounds for like over a year and normal ladder or arena for like 2-3, but from what i can tell coz i doubt anything changed since then battlegrounds is more begginer friendly because you don't really have to buy anything besides maybe the pass to get 4 heroes at start instead of 2 (dont know if this is still a thing, but i doubt greedy blizzard changed that for the better). You can also try playing ladder, but as a newcomer u need to obtain cards for the decks you wanna try to climb and tbh ladder been cancer for like all its existence. Arena is a little bit better and also you don't have to buy anything besides an arena ticket to enter which is cheap anyway and can be bought with ingame gold not real money.
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