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Payment for those who draw feet and hands
Bem, eu sou péssimo em desenhar pés e mãos, então estou procurando alguém para completar esse meu conjunto e desenhar pés e mãos.

I) Type of commission : HANDS and FOOTS
II) Price : 100k
III) Deadline : To match
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A) The artist and the buyer must agree on the folllowing for the comission to be considered valid:
.....I) Type of commission (head, set, etc)
.....II) Price
.....III) Deadline

Please add the aforementioned details.
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list0 on Discord, reach out for inquiries.
Or send me a private message, I'm responsive.

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Please add the aforementioned details.

Done, but I already found an artist to do this, for now I'll close the topic