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Toribash 5.65 preview - Steam (Windows, macOS), TestFlight (iOS)
Toribash 5.65 is now available for early preview Steam and TestFlight!
To opt in for this build on Steam, choose "alpha" or "beta" in the Betas tab in Toribash properties from your Steam Library.
To get build access on TestFlight, visit https://testflight.apple.com/join/y0h9xxcY

What's new in 5.65:
  • Max number of unique mod turn frames increased to 128
  • Added proper support for opening mod / replay files with ToribashSP on macOS
  • Added drag-and-drop support for mod and replay files
  • UI dropdowns can now be quickly controlled with mouse scroll
  • Previous run's error log is now stored as stderr-prev.txt
  • Minor flame performance improvements
  • Removed legacy flame browser
  • Custom shader loading errors in mods and replays are no longer displayed in chat
  • Fixed bug with classic.tbm gamerules resetting to default when they shouldn't (e.g. in replays)
  • Fixed bug with potential unwanted gamerules updates triggered by game server (e.g. when changing turnframes or grip mode)
  • Fixed bug with legacy replays (pre 3.6) potentially getting gravity set to 0 resulting in choppy playback
  • Fixed bug with replays getting no author when saved during playback
  • Fixed bug with chat tabs remaining visible after opening chat with /opt hud 0
  • Fixed bug with WASD camera controls sometimes not working after replay saving
  • Fixed crash in modmaker when attempting to open it while having classic loaded and no modmaker.tbm file existing
  • Fixed potential crash during Steam IAP finalization
  • + various minor UI tweaks and fixes

New features available with Toribash Lua:
  • set_flame_setting() now supports an additional argument to select target playerid.
    In addition to that, you can specify -1 to set settings for Lua-managed flames (max 10 available).
  • Added update_lua_flames() to trigger Lua managed flames physics update loop.
  • Added load_flame_texture(string path, int flameid) to load a custom texture for one of Lua-managed flames.
  • Added set_gameover(int gameover_type, int winnerid) to instantly end current game with the specified type.
  • Added GAMEOVER_TYPE global table that contains available gameover types for the function above.
  • Added Files.Exists(string path) method to Files class to quickly check if file exists on user's device and is available for reading.
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5.65 is now also available for preview for iOS via TestFlight!
Get access here: https://testflight.apple.com/join/y0h9xxcY

Mostly same changes as on desktop (including opening tbm and rpl files from Files)