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Toribash Next is now available!
After the long wait, Toribash Next is now finally available on Steam!


Toribash Next is the sequel to Toribash, the award-winning turn-based sandbox fighting game. Toribash revolutionized the genre by allowing players to create their own moves during a match, using easy-to-understand 3D physics tools. Toribash Next takes fighting games to the next level with weapons, four-player battles and a new replay editor, plus more of the customization and modding options that made the original game a fan favorite.


Challenge your friends to a bloody four-player free-for-all, or team up for freestyle tricking and parkour exhibitions. Change the rules, spawn items and even alter the environment right in the middle of a match. Create epic martial-arts replays by editing in new moves after the fact. Toribash Next gives you the freedom to make the moves you’ve dreamed of making... and play the way you’ve dreamed of playing!

Jump into Toribash Next on now!
No, we didn't test it on Linux - though I know some players already tried it with Proton during closed beta stage.
We currently don't have any plans for a native Linux build due to extremely low user base there.
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Are you going to be releasing a non steam version? Dont really wanna download steam

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Hi. Did you test it with Linux using Wine?
Any plans for a native Linux version?

I tested it on Steam with Linux Mint 21 and Proton Experimental. It works just as bad
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It's so bouncy and bugged
I'll be waitin for fixes and changes
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It's so bouncy and bugged
I'll be waitin for fixes and changes

I agree, been waiting a long time. As an aikido enjoyer the bouncy inaccurate shadows are a huge turn off. I love toribash for how smooth combat can be and relaxing the movement is. Hope we get some clean updates right away. Happy its released though! The first match of solo felt like balance.tbm
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